ANU Med Revue is on again May 10-12

01/05/2018 at 2:59pm

2018 ANU Med Revue is shaping up to be a great show and once again they are partnering with Companion House to support our client services by generously donating the funds raised through ticket sales.  As in past years these funds will go directly to helping clients with medical related costs not otherwise covered by existing services. So be part of the ANU Med Revue Freaky M.I.Day!  Have fun and help Companion House clients at the same time.

A taster . . . . . .
Lindsay and Dr Franken are a classic med student, consultant pair; constantly arguing and refusing to look at things from the other’s point of view. However, this all changes when a rogue defibrillator ‘accident’ results in them swapping bodies. Both characters must navigate their new roles through coffee-addicted registrars, seductive drug reps and a certain medical regulatory agency if they stand any chance of returning things to normal.

Will they be able to sort out their differences and change back? How will they adapt to their new lives? And what ever happened to the patient?

To find out this and more, don’t miss this year’s Med Revue!

$35 Adults, $25 Students
Saturday night VIP Tickets $10 extra

Thursday May 10th
Friday May 11th
Saturday May 12th