Useful resources for General Practice

Clinical Guidelines

Companion House Clinical Guidelines – Clinical Guidelines complete document or by components:

Table of Contents;

Ch 1: Companion House;

Ch 2: Screening Guidelines;

Ch 3: What to do about…;

Ch 4: Essential medicines

Appendix 1: Key dates in history of refugee source countries

Appendix 2: Management of Vit D Deficiency in Children

Appendix 3: Management of Vit D Deficiency in Adults

Appendix 4: Catch Up Immunisation

Appendix 5: Treatment of H. Pylori with Current Dyspeptic Symptoms

Appendix 6: Treatment of H. Pylori without Current Dyspeptic Symptoms

Links to other resources:

The Australian Refugee Health Practice website (released May 2018)

The Australian Refugee Health Practice Guide can be used by doctors, nurses and other primary care providers to inform on-arrival and ongoing health care for people from refugee backgrounds, including people seeking asylum.


Publication produced by Australasian Society for Infections Diseases an Refugee Health Network of Australia.  2nd Edition.

Australian STI Management Guidelines for use in Primary Care – resource provided by ASHA

Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Health assessment for refugees and other humanitarian entrants

Fact sheet giving details of health assessments for refugees and other humanitarian entrants under Medicare items 701, 703, 705 and 707

Help with the Translator and Interpreter Service (TIS)

To register for free service as a private medical practitioner

Information on how to use TIS and book an interpreter

Information to help health professionals communicate with people and communities who speak langiages other than English

NSW Multicultural Health Communication Site

Reliable translated health information

Victorian Health Translations Directory

Clearing house for refugee health research in Australia

Refugee Research Clearing House

The Australian Immunisation Handbook

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