Call for donation of laptops for 2018

23/01/2018 at 1:34am

Our rehoming project for unwanted laptops (very popular particularly because of wireless internet capability) and small PCs continues to be in huge demand, particularly with schools and colleges starting again soon.  If you have a laptop or small PC looking for a new home we can make good use of these items.

Our very skilled and generous volunteer  who rebuilds laptops and small PCs and sets them up with open source software continues to do a wonderful job and we are always looking for new items, particularly laptops to rehouse with clients.  At this time of year demand from students is very strong and greater than our supply.  If the laptop or PC comes with a Windows 7 or later licence and Microsoft Office 10 or later software these are restored after the rebuild.

If you are technically minded, for unlicensed or older systems, the rebuild is Linux based operating system, Ubuntu, and software such as LibreOffice (free software like Microsoft Office). As part of the rebuild this great computer volunteer completely and securely wipes the hard drive and can often replace faulty parts from other recycled sources to reactivate that old PC or laptop.  Even if your computer has a fault, it probably has parts that could be salvaged.

This is a fantastic service and it has already meant that we have been able to provide many clients with laptops and PCs at no cost to clients for use for study and reconnecting with family through email or Skype.

The most needed items for donation for this program are laptops.  If you have a retired laptop or small PC looking for a new home, or are about to replace such items we would welcome your donation.  If you don’t have something to donate to this program, perhaps you can spread the word about the program to other people who might be able to help us.

Your support for this program will be much appreciated.