Whacky Hair Day for Companion House

23/12/2015 at 3:46pm

Each year the children and staff at the O’Connor Cooperative Early Childhood School carry out a Christmas giving project. As part of this, children are told about the work of a few charities, community groups or organisations that do work to help others. With this information, the children vote on the charity they believe the school should support.

This year the O’Connor Cooperative School community decided to support Companion House. Staff at the school organised a whacky hair day. Children came to school with all sorts of whacky hair styles and in return were invited to bring some food items from a list suggested by Companion House staff or money to donate.

The community raised over $250 in cash donations and filled several boxes of groceries. School principal, Jenny Loudon visited Companion House with a couple of student helpers to deliver the school’s donations.

As a community we are happy to be able to support Companion House and the work they do with members of our community.